Volunteer Application

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    Consent and Agreement - For the opportunity to participate in a Life is Washable® workshop or any other event connected with Life Is Washable, Inc. and for other valuable consideration, I understand that by signing this release, I agree to hold harmless Life Is Washable, Inc, including all of its employees, managers, directors, volunteers and agents; all sponsoring organizations and any other parties connected with events and activities, singly or collectively, from any liability for any injury, harm, loss, inconvenience or damage suffered or sustained as a result of participation in one or more events or any activities associated therewith. I understand that I will be working with volunteers from the community to create artwork which may be used to raise funds for Life Is Washable, Inc. or its affiliates. I understand that all artwork will become the property of Life Is Washable, Inc. I waive all claims for any compensation from the sale of artwork. I hereby give my permission to Life Is Washable, Inc. to use my photograph or portion thereof, whether still or moving, my voice, and my likeness for trade, for publicity or for any other lawful manner whatsoever, hereby waiving my right to review or approve such photograph, sound recording or likeness prior to its use. I understand that all trademarks on or in association with the services covered by the registration for MAGIC PAINTBRUSH PROJECT® and to use the subject matter of pending U.S. patent application serial no. 61-062,224 are protected by intellectual property law. I have read and understood the consent form.